Before we dug into farm life, we were two health-conscious people that grew what we knew we would eat - the basics - carrots, lettuce, celery, zucchini, and tomatoes. We had success, which led to another growing year, a much larger garden and more reading (soil health, crop rotation, composting). We got to a point where we had so much produce that we were giving it away to family and friends.

Our farm purchase was a toss-up between two very different places. But when we drove up the tree-lined driveway on 11th line, we felt right at ease - like we were home.

With a desire to return the farm to self-sustaining, we are continually learning and implementing proven farming practice, by literally starting from the ground up! We started with, and continue to create healthy soils through permaculture and natural farming methods.

These methods allow us to responsibly farm through an integrated pest management program with the focus on organic methods and products. We aim to create a happy and healthy balance for the land, animals, and humans, to harmoniously live and grow together.