Each year we will be reviewing our selection and customizing it to our farm and our customers’ needs.

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what to expect for our 2019 growing season

Mild Mesclun Mix-Mild greens and leafy lettuce. A mix of smooth tasting oriental greens and leaf lettuces in beautiful shades of red and green. Absolutely delicious, enjoyed with all meals.

Yaya Carrots-A versatile Nantes carrot that packs a flavourful punch. A staple, that is our best selling carrot to date. 

Sardinia Spinach-Excellent for baby spinach. Delicious spinach that can be enjoyed any meal.

Darkibor Kale-The darkest of the blue-green kales. Tall upright plants have finely curled leaves with excellent flavour.  The dark leaves make very nice garnishes. Enjoyed by kids, so that's saying a lot.

Rhubarb Swiss Chard-A beauty red chard can be eaten as baby leaf or full grown greens. Colourful & delicious.

Bush Beans-A colorful collection of green, yellow and purple. Beans, Beans they make you smart.

Cortland Onion-Large onions with nice skin color. Cortland produces large onions which store well into the spring. Too bad they don't last that long for us, as we sell out.

Anton Summer Squash (Zucchini)-This is a staple vegetable as it keeps on producing all summer long into the fall. We have enjoyed this zucchini for both eating and baking.

Waltham Butternut Squash-Sweet dark yellow flesh fills this Heirloom Squash. We are known for our butternut squash soup with our friends and family and this is our secret weapon. 

Cherry Bomb Tomatoes-Cherry Bomb has a classic cherry flavour; firm, sweet and well balanced. This tomato is equally suited for snacking and harvesting. I think we have consumed as much as we pick.

Brandywine Tomatoes-The standard for heirloom tomato flavour. Well known for its size and exotic, sweet, tomato flavour.  This is the tomato that brings people to our farm stand before we open on the weekends to make sure they can get as many as they need.

Cobra Tomatoes-Good tasting large round tomato. This will be our first year growing these.

Coloured Carrots-Rainbow: An exceptionally crisp and tasty carrot in four bright colours that light up your plate. Colours range from white, yellow, light and dark orange, they make a great dipping tray and when cooked, the colours are even brighter! I highly recommend doing a taste test of all the flavours. Yes, they all taste different.

Straight Eight Cucumber-Excellent fresh eating and pickling. Such a great versatile cucumber that makes the best sandwiches.

Tyria English Cucumber-Slightly ribbed seedless cucumber. Perfect for those who like more fruit and less seed.

Oregon Sugar Snow Peas-Delicious snow peas, with sweet pods that are superb for freezing. These are so good my dog could sit and eat them all day long.

Baby Pam Pumpkin-Best eating pumpkin This pumpkin is truly incredible for all your baking needs.

Nautic Brussels Sprouts-Tightly wrapped sprouts that hold great flavour. They made me fall in love with Brussels Sprouts, they are that awesome.

Baby Leaf Blend Greens-This mesclun blend includes various leaf colours, shapes and tastes for a truly gourmet appeal. Tastes great and looks incredible on any plate.

Chieftan Potatoes-Red skin. A mid to late season red skinned potato. Crisp, white flesh and equally suited for baked, mashed or fries. Great flavour. We cannot decide which way we like these more, baked, mashed or fried.

Classic Russet Potatoes-Best for baking and fries. A great mid-season storage potato with russeted skin and shallow eyes. Dry flesh with good flavour.  These are one of our best sellers, so we hide stock for ourselves.

Dilly of a Jack Pumpkins-Giant field pumpkin. From the creators of Atlantic Giant, Dilly of a Jack is a monster field pumpkin. Highly variable in shape and size.

Sunrise Organic Pepper-Green to yellow, large bell that keeps it crispness and is sweet and fruit flavoured. MMMMM Peppers, enough said.

White Pumpkins-True white coloured pumpkins. Great for fall wedding decorations.

Peaches & Cream-Also known as honey & cream corn. Sweet corn really just explains itself.

Asparagus-A great source of nutrients, fiber, folate and vitamins A, C and K. BBQ, steam, or enjoy raw.